Oh boy, here we go again...

Random doodles, eh.


For those following me for any Flight rising art (be it digital, pixel or such) please direct your fine butts towards my FR tumblr, Veneficus.

There you will find all of my previous FR art pieces, and future ones too! 

Flightrising doodles of my dragons.

Sunstorm, Omen & Nikko.

One trade, two person things. 

Some recent doodles, no high quality stuff here.

Second row is just some MSpaint quick doodles to a friend of mine, she likes armored angels and that stuff.

the rest is just my crap.

Stuff for something, yes even more emperor dragons.
Two primal emperor dragons. 

Some ancient RP stuff that i’ve been drawing out of late. 
First one is just a handful of the characters, the second image is the thunderguard, my favorite douchebag. 

Some B&W $5 doodles that i did earlier today, going to do some more later on when time strikes and i don’t have any trades to work on.

These characters in order belongs to…

ForestFright (@ Weasyl.com / FurAffinity.net)
Grimmyr (@ FurAffinity.net)
Arcencielz (@ DeviantART.com / Weasyl.com)
Krysune (@ FurAffinity.net)
Gruusome (@ FurAffinity.net)

(◑_◑) Time to go to sleep now.
Nighty night.

The first two 100x100 icons from the FR freebies i did, there’s more on the way but sadly i wish to do some preparation for tomorrows FR freebies, so the rest might not be uploaded until later on with the other freebies planned!

First one features Apira, which belongs to xlilcarol @ FR

Second one features Atlas, which belongs to Draylin @ FR