Oh boy, here we go again...

2 spawnling doodles, one was a gift and the other was just me saying ”Yeah. That seem reasonable.”

And 4 pixel icons for various people on dA.

The art in this post belongs to the VERY talented Ceyu, why i am posting here is in hopes for people to notice their talent.

I have commissioned them more than once and each time has been a huge pleasure, they’ve been polite and nice. And i feel like such should be noticed by others.

You can find their gallery



Please support this awesome artists!

Some designs i did, some are still on sale over at my DeviantART

One of the designs in here was a gift to a friend. c:
Tested out a more lineless style, really had some fun with it.

Mouse art, used my Microsoft mouse.

I did some freebies for people, as usual. Seem to be everything i do right now.

I am 2 jelly at these cute, damn characters.

I turned people’s characters into spawnlins for free, it was fun.
Unfortunately if there’s something i never learn is that the sick are meant to rest.

so now i have a fever ontop of my illness. yay.

MSpaint doodles.

1 & 2, headworld related.
3 Furry spawnling, done for the fun of it.
4 random design

5&6 headworld doodles.


Doodley makes an appearance.
Spawnling mascot.

Doodles, digital and pixel art!

And spawnlingssss :-D

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So i done some pixels, it was pretty fun. Who knew. 
I also totally grown addicted to 50x50 icons heheh.

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